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Common Towing Scams to Watch Out For & How to Avoid Them

If you’re looking for a towing service in Augusta, GA, look no further than Rick’s Paint & Body! But before we dive into discussing common towing scams and how to avoid them, let’s just quickly go over how to find us – just search “towing service near me” in Google and you’ll see us come up.

Now that you know who to trust for quality and reliable services, let’s talk about the dangers of unscrupulous tow truck operators out there who may try to take advantage of people in need.

Scam #1: Predatory Towing

Predatory towing is illegal and should be avoided at all costs – especially in private parking lots. It occurs when a tow truck company tows a vehicle without the owner’s consent or proper authorization. To protect yourself from this, always check for parking signs and make sure you have the correct permit before parking in a private lot.

Be aware that, unfortunately, some tow truck companies may patrol these private parking lots and try to inflate the cost of their services by towing away cars illegally parked. Should you fall victim to predatory towing, contact the police and alert the Georgia Department of Public Safety immediately.

Scam #2: Unnecessary Towing

Unnecessary towing is another scam that unsuspecting drivers should be aware of. Businesses sometimes claim that a vehicle needs to be towed when it doesn’t – this is usually done in an attempt to inflate the cost of the service.

To protect yourself from this, always get a second opinion from someone you trust or the police before agreeing to have your car towed. The same goes for accepting a tow from any company you did not call yourself.

Be especially wary of any tow truck driver who tries to convince you that your vehicle must be towed due to a flat tire or other issues – they may be trying to charge you for services you don’t need. It’s important to remain skeptical and ask questions if anything seems suspicious.

Scam #3: Overcharging

Unscrupulous tow truck companies often use overcharging as an unethical way to make more money. To avoid falling victim to this scam, get a written estimate before agreeing to any services and make sure to get the driver’s name, tow truck’s license plate number, and contact information of the company itself.

In Augusta, GA, you can check out pricing offered by other local towing services by searching Google for “towing service near me” and calling companies to get a feel for the prices. Don’t forget to also inquire about extra fees that could be added on top of the standard towing fee such as mileage charges, storage costs, or other hidden surcharges.

Being aware ahead of time ensures that you know what the total price is going to be!

Scam #4: Stolen Vehicles

Stolen vehicles are unfortunately a common scam by tow truck companies. To protect yourself from this happening, make sure you have proof of ownership such as registration and insurance documents on hand before the vehicle is towed away.

Taking a photo of your car before it’s towed and noting down the license plate number of the tow truck and the name of the driver will also help to confirm its rightful owner if there are any disputes that arise.

Scam #5: Towing from Public Places

To avoid falling victim to the scam of towing from public places, always make sure you are parking legally. Be aware that some tow truck drivers may wait for you to leave and then quickly tow away your car before it can be returned.

To protect yourself, take note of the time you parked your car and check on it regularly so it doesn’t get towed away. If your car is towed without prior notification, contact the police and the Georgia Department of Public Safety for assistance in retrieving your vehicle.

Scam #6: Fake Towing Companies

Fake towing companies can be deceiving and can cause you to fall victim to their scam. To protect yourself, always use a reputable and trustworthy towing service that you know and trust in your area such as Rick’s Paint & Body.

Before calling them, do your research by reading reviews and checking for a physical address or phone number. Additionally, make sure the company has good ratings with the BBB after you have found it from searching “towing service near me”.


To stay safe from towing scams, always be aware of potential scams and take the necessary precautions. Ask for a written estimate before agreeing to a tow and shop around for pricing with other towing services. In case of any suspicious activity, contact the police and the Georgia Department of Public Safety right away.

For dependable and affordable towing services in Augusta, GA, look no further than Rick’s Paint & Body. Contact us today!

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