Our Story

A Family Owned, Local Business

Katie and Tyler began working together as business partners in 2003 after Tyler graduated from Clemson University. Their first venture was a landscaping company which they built up from just the 2 of them to a 20-25 employee business before selling the company. After several years of working together, the couple decided to buy the family auto shop business from Katie’s father, Rusty, in 2020 before Covid-19 hit. Despite the pandemic, they managed to keep all of their employees and even grew their business. Katie works closely with manufacturers to become certified – which means they have successfully completed the required rigorous training and have the tools to properly repair customers’ vehicles. Katie is also a member of WIN, Women’s Industry Network, and received FCA’s “Most Creative Campaign” award for the shop estimate tool videos and tiktoks. She was also recently mentioned in the national article, Fender Bender, on how to succeed on social media.

You can often find Tyler working in the back of the shop, but you can also find him washing cars on Fridays to ensure customers get their vehicles back in a timely manner. He will always jump in and do whatever it takes to make sure vehicles are properly repaired and returned to the customer in their pre-accident condition. Both Tyler and Katie are active members of Columbia county chamber and Augusta metro chamber. Their joint accomplishments include, recently being featured in a Subaru article about their certification with the brand and have been recognized by Assured Performance when they did the national article on certify my shop.


Both Katie and Tyler believe in family run businesses and supporting locals. They both grew up with their parents owning their own businesses so, they have been instilled a strong work ethic since they were little and are now doing the same for their two sons, Jackson and Campbell. Their personal hobbies include fishing, hunting, and of course spending time with their family. Some of their personal mottos include, “Leadership is building confidence to improve competence” and ” We go to work everyday believing the competition is in front of us, not behind us – we are always striving to do better and be ahead”. Overall, Tyler and Katie are a dynamic duo who believe in working hard, the value of advancing themselves and their employees, and treating everyone as if they are part of their family.