The Azaleas Are Blooming …

The azaleas are blooming.  Most every surface is covered in pollen.  The streets are being swept, and lawns are painstakingly manicured.  You’ll even notice schmancy golf carts are starting to be strategically placed at businesses in high traffic areas.  What does that mean for us here in the CSRA?  Love it, or hate it, the Masters is soon to be upon us.  We’re only a week away from the swarm of visitors that will descend upon our fair city, bringing with them a steady stream of bumper to bumper traffic.

While we’re very proud to host the world’s most famous golf tournament, it does bring certain changes in the daily schedule of those of us who call the CSRA home.  Will you need to change your route, leave a little earlier, or consider carpooling?  Those of us who will continue to travel to and from work, school, the grocery, etc., need to start planning for these delays now.

The worst of the traffic is usually between 8:00am – 10:00am, and 3:00 – 6:00pm.  This is when the crowds are headed to the course, and then headed back to their hotels or to dinner.  Here’s a cool link to live traffic cams in the area.  Augusta Chronicle is also keeping a good eye on traffic plan set for Masters Tournament.  The highest traffic areas are Washington Road, Berchmans Road, Wheeler Road, and Walton Way.

Rick’s Paint and Body is certainly familiar with this time of year because of the higher risk that you’ll be involved in a fender bender.  Keep your distance in traffic, and keep in mind parking spaces will be at a premium.  Patience will be tested, and bumpers will be crunched.  We’ll be here when you need us, and are ready to schedule your collision repairs immediately.

If you’re planning to travel via the Augusta Regional Airport either to pick up friends/family coming in for the tournament, or to conveniently leave for vacation, be there early!  I have traveled numerous times from this airport, and always with ease.  However, it’s soon to become a hub of thousands who want to get somewhere NOW.  Many of the golfers such as Phil Mickelson use the airport, so security will be especially high.  Travelers are also coming from many different countries, and this slows the security process down as well.

Locals, remember this is a great boost to our economy, and it’s best just to keep a good attitude about it.  Get out and enjoy the Par 3 celebrations!  Make the most of this beautiful time of year.

If you’re visiting, or new to the area this is the best time to see Augusta.  Whether you come for the sport, beautiful Amen Corner, or simply our pimento cheese sandwiches … we’re happy to have you.


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