30 Years of Glass Service

Did you know that Rick’s offers a wide variety of glass service?  Collision repair isn’t our only specialty.  These services include replacement and repair, and we can even diagnose those pesky regulator and/or motor issues for moveable glass.

This time of year, we at Rick’s see a rise in windshield replacement.  A simple chip can turn in to a huge crack sitting in the summer sun.  Taking action quickly can reduce the amount you’ll have to pay to correct the issue.  A chip can be repaired up to approximately a quarter in size.  Remember; a little nick can turn in to a large crack due to hot or cold temps, and simply the stress of everyday driving.  Repairs usually only take about an hour, and be scheduled quickly.

If replacement glass is what you need, we can usually accommodate you within 24 hours.  While we do not have mobile services, we work with several glass distributors to ensure quick delivery of your glass.  Do you have glass coverage on your policy?  We’ll work with all insurance companies and third party billing companies to handle your claim quickly and efficiently.  We use high quality replacement glass, and materials.

Got a window that won’t roll up or down?  Regulators, motors, and switches are items on your vehicle that wear with time.  Stop by and we’ll quickly diagnose your issue, and price it right away.  These are also parts that are readily available to us on short notice.


Have questions about repair v/s replacement?  Need a price?  Call us anytime for a quote.  Rick’s Paint and Body is here for any, and all of your glass needs!

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