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Just as each collision repair is unique, so is each of our customers concerns.  While we here at Rick’s strive to provide the highest level of service, our customers individual needs are very important to us.  While quality is crucial to each customer, other factors come into play with each repair.

Finish: Does your vehicle have an aftermarket finish?  Is it brand new?  Or is it 20 years old?  For some customers, color match is a significant issue.  You worry that your color will not match, or will in some way be different than your existing finish.  We use several different technologies to insure the best finish.  These range from blending the color onto adjacent panels, using an Aquire paint match tool, even spraying test panels before we paint the vehicle.  If our environmental impact is something that concerns you, we now spray DuPont Cromax Pro.  It’s a waterborne product, and one of the ways we’re reducing our environmental footprint.

Parts Usage: The types of parts we use vary from repair to repair.  At times your insurance policy will determine parts usage.    Even in this case, we make sure that the highest quality of parts are used in your repair.  In cases of customers paying out of pocket, we have more economic options such as Aftermarket parts as well as Recycled.  Some of the terms we use to describe parts are;

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacture, built by the manufacturer of your vehicle
Aftermarket – a part manufactured from a secondary market, but matches the design and performance of an OEM part
Remanufactured/Reconditioned – a part that may have had a slight blemish, and has been reconditioned
Recycled/LKQ (Like, Kind & Quality) – a part taken from a used vehicle of the same year, make, and/or model

Days to Repair: Most of our schedules are hectic these days, and being without a repair can be very inconvenient.  Not all families have a second car to depend on.  This seems to be one of the most significant issues with our customers.  We can help provide you a rental through a local rental company, and set the billing up with the insurance company involved or help get you a competitive rate.  They can even pick you up on the spot.  While we do rely on basic time and labor formulas to calculate the length of repairs, many times unforeseen variables change our predictions.  We are constantly refining the repair process to unite speed and quality, and to lessen waste in time.

Cost: Sometimes damage is minor, or the damage is not covered by an insurance company.  In that case, you’ll probably be looking for the best price possible.  We understand your position, and have options to offer you.  The parts listed above often have price differences, and we can help you choose what’s best for you.  On minor dings and dents, we can offer PDR (paintless dent repair) which is often much better for your budget.  Until recently wheel damage required replacement.  We now have the ability to repair minor wheel damage, and this has reduced the cost greatly.

Communication: With current technology, we can communicate with you in most any way you prefer.  We are even willing to update you at the frequency that you choose.  We can call you daily, bi-weekly, or weekly, depending on your length of repair and preference.  We can text, or email you.  While smoke signals and singing grams are a bit of a stretch, be assured we are going to do our very best to keep you updated about the status of your repairs.  We also want you to completely understand the repairs that are being completed to your vehicle.  You are invited to voice your questions and concerns.

I’ve mentioned several of the concerns I know my customers have; now I’d like you to join in the conversation.  Have I touched on the worries you have about auto body repair?  What have I missed, what’s important to you?  What are your specific needs?  What can we do to give you some comfort about your repairs?  Help us learn what we can do to meet your expectations.

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