Park in the shade, but watch the roof

As temperatures in the Augusta, Ga. area continue to rise and the humidity only ratchets higher, it’s common when driving to take measures to keep your vehicle – especially the interior – as cool as possible. This also helps protect your car’s paint, which has a glaze to withstand high temperatures but will help it last even longer.

The desire for shade can lead to a variety of measures. When a building or parking garage is available, it’s essentially the jackpot! But often, you’ll find yourself stuck parking beneath a massive tree to keep things cool – and sometimes, this opens your car up to damage. How? There are three primary ways:

Scratches and dents. Falling branches and debris from the tree can blemish your exterior. Although unlikely, higher winds can certainly put your car at risk.

Birds. We’ve all had that moment: You grab the last spot in the parking lot that has shade, and head into the office feeling like you just got lucky. But your luck, you realize, is of the bad sort when you walk back out and realize your vehicle was parked in the exact wrong spot. Bird waste can eat away at the paint, and make sure to clean it off your car as soon as possible!

Tree sap. Again, nature happens. And the sticky residue trees can drop on your paint is both annoying to try and remove and bad for the paint. This guide may be helpful in times like these!

These are just a couple of more reasons why a good wash and wax are underrated, because they can help protect your vehicle from things in life you simply can’t control. That’s why we recommend you make sure to check the hood,and roof of your vehicle often, because sometimes you may find something you weren’t expecting – but can prevent it from damaging you car!

Eventually, life will take its toll on your car’s exterior – and when it happens, we’ll be here to make it look like new again!

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