Why do you need a paint and body shop in Augusta?

It’s a fair question, and while it may seem obvious to many, a good paint and body shop in Augusta like ours offers excellent service, quality of work, and in a timely fashion – and they’ll stand behind their work.

We’re here to provide complete service if an accident or damage occurs to your vehicle!

For starters, our in-house towing service smooths the process for getting your vehicle repaired. Many body shops work with a separate towing company, resulting in a game of proverbial phone tag while you wait for a dispatch to reach you. Our towing service is ours, resulting in one line of communication with your insurance company and an easier process getting a two!

Once here, we do use computer framing technology to ensure vehicle damage conforms to manufacturer standards and having the utmost integrity in the car’s frame. We have precise measuring systems in place to restore it to pristine condition.

We then paint it to exactly match the rest of the vehicle, with a high-gloss, baked finish to protect it as much as possible. We stay on top of the latest paint shop technology and treatments, and restore your car to look as great as possible! The expertise of a shop like ours lends itself to those situations where replacement of parts or looks are needed, which is why we’re proud to have served the Augusta, GA area for many years. And if any glass needs work, we do that in-house, as well, providing the accountability you want for these important repairs!

As for standing behind one’s work – when we work on a damaged vehicle, our work is under warranty for as long as you own the car, truck, SUV, etc. Three years or thirty, if you still own it, we’ll back it up!

So, why do you need a paint and body shop? For glass, body, or paint damage, towing services, etc., yes. But ultimately, it’s so you can get back on the road as soon as possible with the best (and safest) repairs. And we’re here to make the process as easy as possible.

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