What to do if you get in an accident

Statistically, it happens to us all once every 17-18 years (on average). You may have read that and grumbled “Wish I was average.” But at some time, it will likely happen to you: An accident.

When a car accident occurs, many things have to happen. Checking for injuries, surveying the damage, and then waiting for the police to arrive all happen rather quickly.

While waiting for the police, if there isn’t an emergency, calling your insurance company is the next logical step. They can get your claim filed immediately to speed up the repair process, and can usually give you a list of approved repair stores in the area – like us, because we’re approved with most insurance companies, which makes the process much smoother! The company can also schedule a tow, also often with us, if your vehicle isn’t safe to drive.

While the officer is there, many insurance agents advise to not admit fault at any point, but instead calmly give the officer(s) the truth and then get a copy of the police report for your records. Insurance will then have an adjuster take a look at the vehicle and issue a repair estimate – this is for their records to compare against our estimate when we (or any shop) sees the vehicle. This is not the amount you will pay – your deductible will determine that, and your insurance agent makes it easy to budget for the repairs.

Afterwards, it’s time to pick a paint and body shop for the collision repair. Many specialize in one or two are20as of collision repair in Augusta, but we cover the entire gamut: From bumper the bumper, we’ll fix up any paint issues, dents, headlights/taillights, glass, and all other body damage – to looking like new. Then, we test everything to ensure it’s done right the first time, before calling you to let you know it’s ready to go!

We certainly hope you aren’t in an accident. But if you are, we hope this is helpful – and we are ready to serve you and make this time a little easier by going above and beyond to do the job well and with no delays.

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