Tips for traveling safe during the holidays

Driving tips for the holidays - especially since there are more traffic jams this time of year!With Christmas and the peak of the holiday season in full swing, people will travel more in the next few weeks – mostly by car. We want everyone to have a safe holiday season, so here’s a few tips to stay safe and keep your car running well:

Take breaks! Your back and legs will thank you anyway, but allowing your mind to disengage from the task of driving every couple of hours will ensure you stay focused when you’re on the road.


Check cell phone laws on your route (if doing out of state). Some state laws differ regarding cell phone use while driving!

Start slow, break easy. Your gas mileage varies depending on your speed – the closer to 55-60 mph you drive, the more fuel efficiency you’ll enjoy. If you look ahead and notice when you’ll be stopping (such as at an upcoming red light), coasting up to the light will slow your speed and reduce the wear on your brakes.

Travel at day when possible. The usual reasons apply – you see more, you’re more alert, less animals running around on the road, etc.

Double-check your insurance. Do you have towing on your policy? Many do, but if something happens and you’re stranded without towing, you’ll have to pay the full bill yourself.

We hope everyone enjoys safe driving this holiday season!

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