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Things You Need to Know About COVID-19 & Rick’s Paint and Body

The biggest headline currently in the Augusta, GA area and all over the world is COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. It is equally as terrifying as it is talked about. The novel coronavirus is something that’s affected countless people, businesses, events, and schools alike. Coronaviruses are viruses that commonly affect humans and animals, usually causing upper-respiratory symptoms. COVID-19 was discovered in Wuhan, China.  There are now 265,001 confirmed cases in the United States alone. For this article, our team at Rick’s Paint & Body have put together an all-you-need-to-know guide on COVID-19.  We want you to know what our repair facility is doing to help slow the spread. Additionally, we have included some tips on how you can help as well. 

Understanding the Virus

A novel coronavirus is a new coronavirus that has not yet been identified. Unlike other viruses, there is currently no vaccination to help prevent COVID-19.  This could explain why the number of people infected nearly doubles each day. Furthermore, the virus spreads quickly through person-to-person contact. Imagine all the things you come in contact with each day that have been touched by others! The CDC is requesting that everyone practice a 6-foot distance between people. Being closer in proximity could put someone at risk of continuing the spread. 

Businesses Affected 

Many changes have come from the COVID-19 pandemic, including businesses temporarily closing their doors until further notice. Although many people are adapting to routine business closures, Rick’s will continue to have our doors open for our regular business hours.  The US Department of Homeland Security recently released an article regarding businesses that are a part of the essential infrastructure workforce. Among those listed are any automotive repair, maintenance, and transportation equipment manufacturing and distribution facilities. While operating on normal schedules, we are implementing a few new procedures to ensure we are doing our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Doing Our Part

Our customer’s health and well-being is our biggest concern. This is why we are staying up-to-date with CDC guidelines and taking extra precautions when handling your vehicle:

  • Our employees are washing their hands regularly – and thoroughly – for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • We are using hospital-grade sanitizing wipes to disinfect handles, gearshifts, knobs, buttons, desks, and utensils frequently.
  • Our team members are wearing gloves when in contact with customers and/or their vehicles.
  • We have implemented and are enforcing a 6-feet distance policy for everyone at our shop.
  • Plastic covers are placed in each vehicle before entering, which cover the steering wheel, gearshift, seat, and floor board.
  • Throughout the day we’re taking the time to sanitize often-touched surfaces in our shop.
  • We are offering curbside service: come by our shop, stay in your car, give our office a call at (706) 868-9904, and one of our staff will greet you to assist any way we can.
  • We’re picking up and delivering vehicles to our most-at-risk customers.
  • We have a new online estimate tool which allows you to get an estimate from the comfort of your home via text or email.  Click HERE to check it out.

How You Can Help

We’re happy to take extra time with each vehicle to help stop the spread.  Moreover, we can all help by staying up-to-date with the newest information being provided from trusted sources such as  Undoubtedly, ongoing research on COVID-19 will mean more safety precautions in the near future. For the time being, by disinfecting the surfaces you touch daily can reduce the spread just as efficiently as staying at home during this time. 


At Rick’s Paint and Body, we are very thankful for our customers.  Above all, our highest priority is putting you first.  Stay well!

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