Fender bender? Pay attention to the details.

A car's wheels kicks up all sorts of mud, dirt, and more - and what covers them helps protect you and others, which is why a fender bender can be more dangerous than initially thought!We in the United States typically refer to a minor accident as a fender bender. It doesn’t cause too much damage or keep the car from working properly, but it does make your vehicle look worse for wear. As a body shop in Augusta, we see all kinds of vehicles after fender benders – and what many drivers don’t realize is the damage that might seem minor can cause major issues down the road.

First off, visible damage on your vehicle certainly reduces your car’s value. What’s on every vehicle history report on a reputable car lot? An accident report. It shows up there, and it reduces the resale value of the vehicle. A damaged fender also can be aesthetically annoying, because you see it every time you walk by.

You may be thinking, “that’s okay, I don’t care what it looks like; I’m driving this thing until it dies!” And that’s great! But fender benders can present other more serious problems.

For example, malfunctioning fenders can put others at unnecessary risk. After all, the purpose of a fender is to protect other vehicles from dirt, mud, rocks, liquids, etc. that are flung from your tires. When you’ve going at a decent speed, a tiny rock can be flung very quickly and cause body damage or crack a windshield! The same applies to when going through a puddle. If muddy water was suddenly splashed onto your windshield or window while driving, what would you do? In the wrong circumstance, it could lead to a poor outcome.

In addition, YOUR vehicle is at risk. That’s because your wheels and tires take even more of a beating than usual without proper protection. They don’t need anything else wearing them down, but debris can accumulate without a properly-installed fender. In addition, your front brakes certainly don’t need anything flung at them, which is one of the critical areas a fender protects.

The next time you know of someone in a simple “fender bender,” please share with them the importance of getting the damaged examined by a professional.  It might just be a simple scratch. But some instances may expose your automobile to unnecessary risks. Don’t take a chance with vehicle damage!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give Rick’s Paint & Body a call!

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